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Payroll Deduction - the painless solution for planning ahead.

We've all been there; Payday at last but somehow it's all spoken for already - and nothing has been put aside for the future!

At NESCU we know how hard it can be to save for a rainy day. Our Payroll Deduction scheme enables your employer to help you save directly from your salary, removing the temptation to spend whilst ensuring a consistent commitment to growing your rainy-day fund.

Servicing a number of public and private sector businesses, charities, and organisations in the North East, NESCU works with employers to deduct your agreed regular savings  direct from your wages - before it even hits your bank, allowing you to continue to save regularly, whilst proving a degree of protection and comfort from your financial forward planning. 

As an Employer, there are a number of social responsibility and staff benefits to providing Payroll Deduction Services through NESCU - an important service which allows us to continue to offer loans and savings to members and deliver our award-winning community-based social projects. 

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