ENGAGE is brought to you by your local Credit Union - and ethical alternative to high street banking.

Easy to apply,

No Credit Checks

No Overdraft Charges (you can only spend what you have on it).

Available to everyone .

Engage is a pre-paid debit card which gives our members easy access to their money, with cashback rewards, contactless payments, and handy mobile apps.


Especially for younger savers aged 12-16 to help them take control of their money and savings through the Credit Union.

- A current account with a Visa Debit Card.

- Money Budget Tool

- Free Mobile App

- Cashback Rewards

- Shop On-line & Earn Cashback rewards into your account when you spend at one of our partner retailers.

- Contactless Visa Debit Card

- Linked to your parents accounts making it quick to transfer money in emergency situations.