Friendly finance when you need it most.
  •    All Loans at 2% per month on a reducing balance (24.8% APR)

    • Savings Schemes (Adult, Junior, Corporate)

    • School savings and training programmes

    • Fuel poverty and oil clubs

    • New tenancy starter packs (available for all)

    • White Goods Packages (available for all)

• Laptop, Furniture & Carpet Packages

• FA’s Money Course

• Corporate salary deduction schemes

• Community collection points around the North East.

• Volunteer opportunities

• Engage debit card which has Envelope facility (manage your money card)

THE REALLY-BORING-BUT-IMPORTANT BIT (This is finance after all!!)

All funds are protected through the FCA/PRA compensation scheme up to the value of £75,000. per member. However, our Maximum savings allowance is £15,000 - so your savings are always 100% protected.

FREE INSURANCE: We also offer a death benefit scheme that will pay off your loan and increase your savings by at least 25%, providing peace of mind for your loved ones.

NESCU is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, Number 225531. This means we are regulated and held to the same standards as all high street banks, loan and micro-finance providers.